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Yoga Bella is an independent studio located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, near the western edge of Eden Prairie.  The studio features small-scale fitness classes in an inviting and friendly atmosphere. We focus on mind/body exercise that promotes physical and mental well-being, recognizing the value and necessity of both…enhancing an overall sense of life balance.  The goal of the studio is to provide a place where you will feel strengthened, nurtured, and refreshed. Yoga Bella is owned by three instructors who are committed to delivering top quality instruction. Denise, Debi and Carole are always interested in hearing about your visits to Yoga Bella!  Please call or email us with any comments or suggestions you have that can enhance your experience at the studio!

It’s about you…

In our bright and cozy Chanhassen studio, classes are customized for our guests, both beginning and advanced.  Our smaller setting means our expert instructors get to know each student personally and can adjust poses, exercises and routines to suit individual needs.  We invite people of all ages to participate in the classes we offer.

It’s about strength…

Yoga promotes strength, flexibility, and balance through held poses which are often led in a sequence of movements flowing from one to the next, all joined by deep, cleansing breathing.  In Pilates we build muscle tone and stamina through a series of core exercises and focused breath work.  Dance classes give us a great cardio workout as we experience the joy of moving to music.  

It’s about serenity…

Each of our classes begins with a welcome and ends with a relaxation.  Our intention is to create a comfortable space for all participants to enjoy their classes in a small group setting, while also taking time for each person to center, relax, and experience quiet in their day.  

Find your balance.  Join us at Yoga Bella.

New to the studio?  

  • Wear soft, comfortable clothing that allows you to move.  Slightly fitted is better than loose!
  • Plan on arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of class. 
  • You may leave shoes at the door and select a bin for your personal belongings.  
  • Please take a moment to sign in at the desk.
  • Find a space on the floor.  Mats are available for sale, as are blocks, straps, and eye pillows.  
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and feel free to share your personal goals, prior experience, or physical limitations if applicable.
  • Remember you are responsible for your own safety.  Be careful not to push yourself past your comfort zone.  Let us help you adjust poses to challenge you at your own level.
  • We enjoy having a casual, friendly environment and encourage students to get to know others they are practicing with.
  • Please silence electronic devices.
  • After class, treat yourself to a cup of coffee, tea, or water in our comfortable reception area and browse through our beautiful retail space.  
  • Restrooms are located just outside the rear studio door.
  • Please take a minute to tell us about your experience or make a suggestion.  We are always looking for ways to improve our programs for our guests.  Thank you!

Yoga Bella Costa Rica 2015 Retreat
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